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Miss G has been living the BDSM lifestyle for approximately 20 years. Miss G began her journey in the lifestyle as a submissive. She soon became a collared submissive. After exploring with her Master they both determined Her mentality, spirit, heart  and soul were Dominant. Through Her trek though life, both vanilla and BDSM, She has learned what to do and what not to do from wonderful Masters and Mistresses. Each Dominatrix has skills and talents that make Her unique. To learn more, simply browse through Her site.


About Miss G

My play ranges from playful and light hearted to severe and strict. While being mild mannered in the vanilla realms never doubt that I am Dominant.  I may entertain fools on occasion but I do see through the absurdity. Subs who are honest, and willing to embrace the power exchange are those that capture my attention.  It doesn't matter to me if you are  experienced or a novice in play. 

I can be best described as the consensual sadist next door. Given your permission to act on those sadistic desires and I'll smile and laugh at your pain.

Transgender submissives or bottoms should know the play area is a safe for them. 


Since I demand honesty from anyone I play, I will readily disclose that I have moderate hearing loss.  Since I have lost much of my hearing, I have developed an acute awareness of other individuals changes in body language, skin tone, color and even skin texture. It is second nature to monitor the breath motions and  pulse of those I interact with. When playing with others who have hearing loss, I use visual safe signals. 

I do not play in a traditional dungeon setting. To learn more about the play space, visit the Dragon's Lair Club link.  I host in a safe and discreet area of Amarillo. Play sessions begin with a 2 hour minimum.  Your session does not have to last that long but that will be the time alotted to you unless we agree on a longer time. The session times also include time for after care. A non refundable deposit of $50 is required before we have our first in person meeting.  This deposit will be put towards the session.  


Tribute for the majority of my sessions are $75.00. Tribute is for 2 hours of My undivided, individualized attention where you are My focus. Tribute is non negotiable. Certain types of play require an additional nominal fee. SPH will also have an added $10.00 added to the tribute. 

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Like everyone,  I have different skills and talents in which I am adept.  As a sadistic Mistress, I will laugh joyfully at your agony and savor every moan of pain. The following is a mere sampling of the diverse ways I play. If you are interested in something I haven't listed, contact me.  

Impact play- rattan and bamboo canes, hands, single tail whip, floggers,  dragon tail,  wooden spoon, paddles, sea shell canes
Sensual play- furs, fingernails, Wartenberg wheel, ice, pantyhose suits with knife play, teeth

Edge play- candle wax, cell popping, micro cutting, knife play, slapping, hair pulling

  • Orgasm denial 

  • Bondage

  •  CBT

  • Nipple torture 

  • Gags

  • SPH

  • Foot, Leg and Shoe worship

  • Verbal Humiliation

  • Blindfolds

  • Hoods

Vomit, scat,  any being that cannot understand and explicitly consent, ANY sex act with me.

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Get in Touch

Interested in a session? 

Email and request a questionnaire.  

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Will you travel off-site?

Any play off-site will be at My discretion, with a trusted, established client.The client will be responsible for all travel and boarding expenses PRIOR to the agreed date of session.

Do you play women and/or couples?

Most certainly! 

Although a couples session does require a different amount for tribute.

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